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Specialist In Infused Carbon Reinforced Polymer

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Innovating the use of Carbon Fibre in Motorsport with expertise in Infused Carbon Reinforced Polymer.

Carbon Fusion has assembled a comprehensive team of professionals with diverse expertise from the motorsport sector. Specialising in Infused Carbon Reinforced Polymer applications for the motorsport industry, our focus is particularly on race car chassis safety cells (tubs). The precision in structural design and meticulous CAD modelling for carbon reinforced polymer structures is overseen by Peter Watt. With a wealth of experience, Peter has held key roles such as Head of Composites at BAR F1, contributed to Bentley’s Le Mans program, played a role in designing the iconic Bugatti Veyron, and demonstrated proficiency as a McLaren prototype engineer.

James Abbott brings a lifetime of race car development and engineering skills to the team, while Dominik Dierkes contributes unparalleled expertise in resin infusion. Dominik introduces an infusion process that allows for the manufacturing of highly structurally loaded parts while using 80% less energy than the classic prepreg process. Completing our quartet is Nigel Redwood, who brings 25 years of commercial and board-level experience to the business.


Carbon Fusion Ltd offers an end-to-end service by combining design capability, race car manufacturing knowledge, and infusion expertise all under one roof. This means that customer projects can be reverse-engineered from physical items, designed from scratch, or productised from a current CAD drawing.

Carbon Fusion Design Services

Reverse engineer, original design, simulation & crash test modelling

Carbon Fusion Develop Service


Manufacture of patterns, moulds, 1st prototype and testing at Cranfield Test Centre

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Productionise for bulk manufacturing


Unit 3 Frankland Commerce Park

Harrier Way, Yaxley, United Kingdom,  PE7 3NN

+44 (0) 1733 639 230

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