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Andy Pad Pro 16GB 7" Wi-Fi Android Kids Tablet
Model number: andy-pad-pro
Quick ID: R8YH
Availability: Temporarily out of stock
Screen resolution: 1024x600Processor speed: 1GHz
USB port: NoVideo recording: 640 x 480 (Standard Definition)
Main camera: 2MPStorage: 16GB
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Andy Pad Pro 16GB 7" Wi-Fi Tablet - £149.90 - This product

Only while stock lasts: get a free branded protective case for your Andy Pad Pro!

Case colour will be selected at random, if you require a specific colour please contact us after you have placed your order.

Now upgradable to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich!

With additional features over the standard Andy Pad, the Andy Pad Pro features a built-in memory of 16GB which can be expanded up to 32GB with one of our SD cards (soon available as a separate purchase). This memory can be used to keep everything from books, films, music and photos at the tips of your fingers.

The Andy Pad Pro is 18g lighter than the standard Andy Pad and its slim design no problem makes it perfect to slip into a school bag or briefcase. With an additional purchase of an HDMI cable, you'll be able to play HD videos and films through the Pro onto your television, plus the included headset allows you to listen to videos or music in private.

For the best in gaming the Andy Pad Pro supports 3D vector games, has 5-Point multi-touch and an accelerometer for motion control. The 7 inch SensaTouch screen is also sure to be a benefit when gaming and generally using the Pro: it transforms electronic signals from your fingers into swipes and selections, allowing even the slightest movements to be recognised.

The Andy Pad Pro also features a powerful Wi-Fi chip, to automatically search out available free networks and enable chats, emails and browsing possible on the go. For extra connectivity, the Pro is fitted with Bluetooth technology so you can pair with a range of devices (such as headsets and controllers).

In addition to the front facing camera, a rear facing camera allows you to capture images on the go. A (real-time tested) battery life of up to 6 hours makes the Andy Pad Pro ideal to use during long journeys or commutes.



The Andy Pad Pro comes with a superb Sensatouch Screen. Sensatouch technology is a widely used screen type; it uses electronic signals given off by your finger tips to translate your actions into swipes and selections. The advantage of Sensatouch is that the smallest movements can be used to control your Andy Pad Pro.


The Andy Pad Pro supports up to five-touch multitouch. Whether it’s simply zooming into a photograph of your dog or trying to get a closer look at the text on your browser, multitouch is the answer for those instinctive movements that make your Andy Pad experience that much easier.

Storage & Upgrades

The Andy Pad Pro comes with 16GB of internal memory. That’s enough space for thousands of books or hundreds of tracks, videos and apps to fill up your Andy Pad. If you’re still stuck for an extra megabyte or two, then the use of an SD card can expand your Andy Pad by up to another 32GB.


Why use a separate device for eBooks when you can access an unlimited number of books from the huge selection available on the Andy Pad? Both Andy Pads are light and comfortable to hold at only 7 inches. Full brightness controls allows you to lower the glare from the screen or turn it up for reading in the dark.

Compact + Lightweight

Both the Andy Pad and the Andy Pad Pro are highly portable at only 7 inches and weighing only 356g and 374g. It’s effortless to slip the Andy Pad into a pocket, a satchel or a briefcase and is ideal to take with you anywhere and accessible at any time.

Processor + RAM + GPU

The Andy Pad is powered by an impressive Cortex A8 1GHz processor with 512 RAM and a dynamic 3D capable GPU. The numbers might not mean much, but you’ll certainly see the benefits when you’re playing the latest games, streaming high quality video or browsing the internet without dropping a frame.

Battery Life

The Andy Pad sports up to 6 hours of real-life usage, and can be charged from either a power port, computer or even in your car!* It’s ‘always on’ styling means that you’ll always be seconds away from whatever you need.
*With the use of an in-car charger.


The Andy Pad supports the world of Adobe Flash, allowing you to fully experience of the world wide web. Whether it’s playing Flash games or streaming Flash video the Andy Pad is dedicated to providing the internet the way it was meant to be viewed.


Both Andy Pads have accelerometers which allow you to use the screen both in landscape and portrait modes, perfect for automatically adjusting between watching a movie to reading a book. The high sensitivity also allows you to play motion-sensitive games where twisting or turning the device will give you the advantage.

WiFi and Bluetooth

With an industry standard WiFi chip, the Andy Pad keeps a strong WiFi connection. Automatically finding free networks in range, the Andy Pad allows you to access your emails, chat with friends or browse the internet on the go. With the Andy Pad Pro, you’ll be able to experience extra connectivity with Bluetooth technology allowing you to use a range of bluetooth based apps, even GPS bluetooth!


The Andy Pad features a handy front-facing camera to allow you to record your own videos or chat with friends. Andy Pad Pro owners will also reap the benefits of an additional rear-facing camera with which to quickly snap pictures on the go. Never fumble for the camera again!

Movies + 1080p

The Andy Pad has plenty of storage for videos, a large battery and HDMI out to 1080p, so you can watch all your recordings, favourite TV shows and latest movies on your television in HD. Add extra video with the SD card slot and listen to your videos in privacy with the included headset.


The Andy Pad is ideal for gaming. Portable and lightweight, it’s easy to take anywhere on a moment’s notice. The Andy Pad Pro features 5-point multitouch to play all the latest games effortlessly. Both Andy Pads will run 3D games and can download countless more for essentially unlimited fun.

SD Cards

The Andy Pad has a number of connectivity options, one of which being SD. Adding data to an SD card will allow you to install apps, watch video or play music all from the card itself. This is also a great way to transfer files or export data from your Andy Pad to your computer.

Basic features:
Operating system
Google Android
Processor speed
Memory card slot
Physical features:
Screen / cameras:
Screen resolution
Screen size
Video recording
640 x 480 (Standard Definition)
Main camera
Front facing camera
0.3MP (VGA)
Wireless / connectivity:
Wireless connectivity
Wi-Fi only
3G Sim card slot
USB port
TV out

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